Queen Street Chapel

In 2006 Queen Street Chapel came up for sale to the general public and it seemed such a shame that it might become another housing plot, a workshop or a nightclub.

To us it was the perfect opportunity to improve the services we could offer to the community.

In August 2006 the restoration began - and there was a lot to do! Most noticeably the heating needing improving and there was no disabled access to the building only a steep step at the front. To the left was a huge overgrown area which we have no cleared to allow off-street parking.

We made some changes inside as well, constructing a huge scaffold frame to support the painters who renovated the ceiling centre that has become a hallmark of the beautiful old church. The wood needed brightening the foyer was enlarged and glass panels made it lighter and brighter. localised heating was added for instant warmth on cold winter mornings and soft cushions were added to the seats.


The Chapel can seat 400 mourners.

The audio system and organ have since been replaced to provide excellent sound quality and the facility to play favourite CD tracks.



The beautiful ceiling was paintstakingly restored with over 100 hours work, painting and obtaining castings of the old broken plaster mouldings.


The pulpit has received a revarnish, repaint and re-upholster with the addition of new brighter carpet aswell.

A doorway to the side of the building allows easy wheelchair access without any steep inclines. directly opposite is a similar ramp directly into the vestry.

We have also installed a new organ and sound system to allow us to meet every demand.


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