"The farther backward you can look,
the farther forward you can see"

Sir Winston Churchill


With a history stretching back more than 100 years, serving the community. 
The team at T.J. Brown & Sons has an excellent knowledge of the traditions of the local community as well as modern thinking and continually strive to maintain and improve the highest standards that have become their proud hallmark.



Ken Brown c.1948


Ken Brown c. 1942

Cadillac Fleetwood owned by T.J. Brown & Sons for over 40 years.
Photographed outside St. Mary's Church, Brynmawr c. 1975


The dedication of The Funeral Home 


 I am proud to stand on the reputation of my father 
and grandfather as hard working men.

I'm very lucky to have such a fantastic team behind me,
 Alan and Dilwyn have been loyal friends and workmates for over 35 years and we are just as passionate about our profession now, 
as we were then.

Going into 2017 means facing new challenges. My part is to maintain
the drive of the business, so that we are always able to provide the very best service.

Winter brollies already on standby

The late Ron Bevan gave me an old photograph of him and my Grandfather

Tom Brown. This photo is over 60 years old.

                                                Kevin James Brown (Funeral Director)



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